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TransCanada’s Keystone Pipeline: When Chickens Come Home to Roost
Significant opposition to Trans-Canada’s Keystone Pipeline forced the U.S. Government to delay the project – at great cost to the company. The U.S. Government’s action demonstrates that environmental policy paralysis has a price.

ESG Annual Report 2011: ESG In A Time of Turmoil
2011 was a rough year for financial markets. Our soon-to-be released ESG Annual Report gives an overview of how a comprehensive ESG program including evaluations, corporate engagement, public policy work and solid research can help address some of the most significant challenges of our time.

Speaking Of Executive Compensation: Did You Hear The One About…?
As noted, our executive compensation strategy of following up say-on-pay votes with letters to the company’s board of directors is proving effective. But when we dive into some specific cases we sometimes don’t know whether to laugh or to cry.

What’s It Going To Take To Keep On Frackin’?
With credible reports of groundwater contamination, shareholders are setting clear expectations for hydraulic fracturing. As such we support a guide for the energy sector to more safely and more transparently produce unconventional gas.

Extractives Industry Transparency Initiative: What’s Good For The Goose…
With 15 other Canadian investors, we co-led a policy submission urging the Canadian government to become an Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative implementing country (rather than just support implementation elsewhere).

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4 drivers of growth in responsible investment

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Cashing In on Climate Change

What’s a climate-aware investor to do?

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EU requires pension funds to assess climate change risks

Under the new law, the potential negative effects of climate change or political factors on retirement funds will get the same level of attention as liquidity, operational or asset risks.

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