Canadian Socially Responsible Investment Review 2010

SRI shows resilience in the face of economic and financial turbulence

In the last two years, socially responsible investment (SRI) weathered the economic and financial turmoil caused by the international credit crisis.
Our last report tracked SRI assets at the peak of the market. Within months after the effective date of our last survey, financial markets were rocked by institutional failures and an economic
crisis of historic proportions. SRI was not immune to this turbulence.
Yet, two years later, SRI in Canada continues to command about one-fifth of the assets under management in the financial industry.
Some sectors, most notably impact investing and renewable energy income trusts, have recorded impressive growth as Canadians search for sustainable alternatives to conventional investments.
Meanwhile, growing numbers of institutional investors continue to demand socially responsible investments from the asset management industry, and the pension sector grows in its sophistication in dealing with environmental, social and governance issues.
As well, advisors and fund companies are offering a growing array of products and services for individual investors interested in investments in accordance with their values.
This report is the only comprehensive survey of socially responsible investment (SRI) in Canada.


  • Total Canadian assets invested according to socially responsible guidelines: $530.9 billion.
  • SRI holds steady at about one-fifth of assets under management (AUM) in Canada: 19.1% of total AUM in Canada in 2010, about the same level as in 2008
  • Assets managed by pension funds under responsible investment policies are at $453.4 billion, or 85% of the total.

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