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For another great resource, read recent News Briefs from The Shareholder Association for Reseach and Education, a social enterprise that coordinates and implements responsible investment practices.

May 25  |   Behind Manulife's historic $600 million green bond issue
May 17  |   Meet Triodos, the ethical investment firm trying to fund a better world
May 15  |   Renewables Investment Nudges Out Fossil Fuel And Nuclear
May 15  |   How socially responsible investing can help you avoid catastrophic drops within your portfolio
May 15  |   JPMorgan endorses ‘sustainable’ investing as a way to outperform the market
Apr 17  |   Marijuana sector’s books more like ‘audited hallucinations’ than financial statements, accountants say
Feb 13  |   Majority of Canadians want laws to end gender pay gap: poll
Feb 13  |   Socially responsible investing gets a Trump bump
Oct 05  |   Switch IPO the latest to limit investor voting rights
Oct 05  |   Wells Fargo executives, board must face lawsuit over fake accounts, federal judge says
Oct 05  |   As Ford pushes into electric vehicles, U.S. union aims to save jobs
Sep 28  |   MSCI launches ethical factor indexes
Sep 26  |   Green bonds are expected to reach more than $130 billion in 2017
Sep 21  |   Initially maligned, Elon Musk’s solar gambit is getting a second look
Sep 11  |   Investors Can Be Ethical and Still Beat the Market, Study Says
Sep 11  |   China Fossil Fuel Deadline Shifts Focus to Electric Car Race
Sep 05  |   The ethical investment boom
Aug 28  |   Greater engagement with indigenous communities needed: SHARE
Aug 13  |   Alberta's Oil Workers Are Shifting To Renewable Energy Jobs
Aug 11  |   London Solar Auctions Aim to Make City Greenest on Earth
Aug 06  |   Could ethical investing help ease Vancouver's affordability crisis?
Aug 03  |   More Evidence of Solid Performance From Sustainable Funds
Aug 02  |   Alphabet Turns to Molten Salt to Store Clean Energy
Jul 25  |   Ethical funds attract record money and high returns
Jul 24  |   Morningstar buys stake in responsible investing firm
Jul 19  |   Aviva Investors demands greater climate change disclosure
Jun 19  |   Sweden’s largest pension fund just gave Exxon Mobil and other energy giants a stinging slap on the face
Jun 15  |   Fund Selector: ESG myths and realities
May 15  |   Top UK fund manager divests from fossil fuels
May 15  |   Blackout parties: how solar and storage made WA farmers the most popular in town
May 11  |   How to invest without sacrificing your values
May 08  |   Investors wake up to outcry over unequal pay
May 03  |   Technology Guru Bill Joy Is Betting on a Bulletproof Battery
Apr 21  |   Joel Solomon's "clean money revolution"
Apr 19  |   Your Guide to Sustainable Investing
Apr 18  |   Here’s how cities in developing countries can tap green bonds
Apr 17  |   Responsible investors key to global sustainable development
Apr 14  |   B.C. First Nation leads with green technology, sustainability
Apr 11  |   BNEF: Clean Energy Investments Down 17% Year-Over-Year in Q1 2017
Apr 10  |   Majority of British Columbians interested, but not yet participating, in socially responsible investing
Apr 06  |   How Teck Resources Benefits From Being the B.C. Liberal’s Largest Donor
Apr 03  |   Solar panels to help cut office tower's energy costs by 80 per cent
Mar 31  |   Social Investing Grew to $23 Trillion in 2016
Feb 03  |   4 drivers of growth in responsible investment
Dec 03  |   Cashing In on Climate Change
Nov 25  |   EU requires pension funds to assess climate change risks
Nov 25  |   Investors aren't sold on 'values-based' investing, but they may be missing out
Nov 17  |   Morgan Stanley and Bloomberg Survey Finds Sustainable Investing Has Entered the Mainstream
Nov 15  |   France, U.N. tell Trump action on climate change unstoppable
Oct 20  |   The CFA Exam Is Going Green
Oct 04  |   Investing goes fossil free – without affecting performance
Sep 27  |   Ontario Liberals put brakes on renewable-energy projects
Sep 13  |   Investors swoon over green equities, but do they deserve the love?
Sep 13  |   Leede Jones Gable Joins the Responsible Investment Association
May 10  |   Companies need to do due diligence on human rights abroad
May 10  |   Canadian fund managers lag on tackling climate-change risks
May 03  |   The berries and the bees
Mar 18  |   Decoupling of global emissions and economic growth confirmed
Mar 02  |   Retirement investing for a warming planet: The impact of climate change
Dec 15  |   Morgan Stanley's Sustainable Investment Themes 2016
Dec 15  |   Responsible Investing Is Hot
Dec 15  |   Naomi Klein calls Paris Climate Agreement 'scientifically inadequate'
Dec 01  |   Socially Responsible Investing: 3 Funds That Are Beating The Market
Dec 01  |   Labor Dep. Delivers ‘Boost for US Responsible Investing’
Dec 01  |   Newton Investment Management's Head of Responsible Investing on Engaging with Social Finance
Dec 01  |   ETHO Capital Opens Fossil-Free Exchange-Traded Fund On NYSE
Nov 06  |   China Burns Much More Coal Than Reported, Complicating Climate Talks
Nov 06  |   World Exchanges Agree Enhanced Sustainability Guidance
Nov 06  |   Heroes & zeros: Novo Nordisk and Silver Wheaton
Oct 30  |   H&M clothes still sewn by Bangladeshi workers in fire traps, labour group says
Oct 30  |   Pension Funds Considering Fossil Fuel Divestment, Socially Responsible Investments Get Boost From Labor Department
Sep 29  |   Pattie Lovett-Reid: Ethical investors won’t put up with VW-style fraud
Sep 11  |   Investing in a Healthier Climate
Sep 11  |   Crackdown on tax evaders urged as CRA alleges ‘sham’
Sep 11  |   Price weakness, construction costs cast B.C. LNG projects into doubt: report
Sep 08  |   Teflon Found in Drinking Water in 27 States
Aug 24  |   Heavy metals prove all too common in meal replacement products, says watchdog group
Aug 24  |   Water management key to achieving sustainable development goals – World Bank
Aug 24  |   At the open: TSX, Dow bloodied as global selloff intensifies
Aug 20  |   July 2015 is Officially Hottest Month on Record. Ever.
Aug 18  |   Norwegian fund giant puts premium on ethical investing
Aug 17  |   Good corporate citizen, better investment
Aug 10  |   3 Steps to Decarbonizing Development for a Zero-Carbon Future
Aug 10  |   Biodegradable Batteries … For Real?
Jul 31  |   Coal not good for reducing poverty, Oxfam report says
Jul 31  |   U.S. companies pledge financial, political support for U.N. climate deal
Jul 27  |   Agricultural alliance, CSAF, provides over $500M in loans
Jul 27  |   Monsanto says panel to review WHO finding on cancer link to herbicide
Jul 27  |   FIFA to meet sponsors after reproaches from Coke, Visa, McDonald’s
Jul 27  |   Should business leaders speak out more on public issues such as climate change?
Jul 27  |   Organics Processing System Cuts Waste Processing Costs
Jul 24  |   The scandal of the 89m tonnes of food binned while millions go hungry
Jul 24  |   Impact investing could help plug $2.5tn funding gap for development
Jul 24  |   Renewables outpace nuclear in economies making up 45 percent of world population: report
Jul 24  |   Are countries legally required to protect their citizens from climate change?
Jul 24  |   Toshiba inflated profits by $1.2 billion with top execs’ knowledge: investigation
Jul 24  |   Water taps and information gaps
Jul 08  |   Dr. Bjorn Lomborg argues the climate change fight isn't worth the cost
Jul 07  |   How companies can adapt to climate change
Jul 07  |   A Foot in the Door: An Unaffordable Country's Next Steps
Jul 07  |   Supreme Court Rejects Argument to Dismiss Landmark Fracking Case
Jul 02  |   Nova Scotia Taxpayers on the Hook for Millions in Exxon Offshore Project Closure
Jun 05  |   Investors need climate change behavioural shift - study
Jun 05  |   Why one fund company won’t dump fossil fuels
Jun 05  |   IKEA pledges 1 billion euros to help slow climate change
Jun 05  |   New U.N. climate fund to take risks to promote green tech
Jun 04  |   EXECUTIVE PERSPECTIVE: Green Bonuses
Jun 04  |   SolarCity, BofA create tax equity fund for smaller investors
May 22  |   Can high-tech photosynthesis turn CO2 into fuel for your car?
May 22  |   Large French supermarkets face ban on throwing away food
May 22  |   Beijing promises coal-free power by 2017 to fight pollution
May 22  |   Pope’s climate change aide urges business to favor planet over profit
May 22  |   The Greenest City Initiative
May 22  |   With coal plants now shuttered, OPG moves to embrace solar power
May 22  |   Divestment moves investors off climate sidelines
May 21  |   Money Monitor: Socially responsible investing basics
May 13  |   No Wealth, No Justice in $1 Billion LNG Offer to First Nation Band
May 13  |   Canadian mining company spied on opponents and activists in Brazil
May 13  |   Australian PM’s adviser says U.N. using climate change for ‘new world order’
May 08  |   Bank Of America Backs Away From Funding Coal Mining
May 08  |   Analysis busts myth that divestment is a losing proposition
Apr 14  |   Canadian investors warming up to 'ethical' funds
Mar 25  |   Report challenges misperceptions of sustainable investing
Mar 25  |   More Canadians looking to invest ethically
Mar 20  |   Global Temps Call for 2015 Yield Bottom
Mar 20  |   Complete shift to renewable energy within Canada’s reach, academics say
Feb 24  |   Nestle Pays $2.25 to Bottle and Sell a Million Litres of BC Water
Feb 06  |   World has not woken up to water crisis caused by climate change: IPCC head
Feb 06  |   New-generation solar panels far cheaper, more efficient: scientists
Feb 05  |   NGOWatch – February 2015
Feb 02  |   Draft federal government report says bitumen spill effects unknown
Feb 02  |   The Smart Way to Teach Children About Money
Feb 02  |   Coke Plans Citrus-Based Sustainable Packaging
Jan 27  |   Davos: Business Leaders Urge Climate Deal
Jan 26  |   'Responsible' Investment Vehichles See Demand Surge
Jan 26  |   Canadian RI assets surpass $1 trillion
Jan 07  |   Fracking is definitely causing earthquakes, another study confirms
Jan 07  |   2015 prediction: sustainability will be written into every job description
Jan 07  |   How new technologies are helping mining companies to come clean
Jan 02  |   2015 prediction: doing the right thing becomes central to business, not a sideline
Dec 17  |   Feds leave $321-million unspent for green programs, overspend on oil and gas research, ads
Dec 12  |   Faces of Calgary boards changing for the better
Dec 12  |   The Koch brothers’ war on transit
Dec 12  |   Chevron Maneuvering to Block Ecuadorian Villagers From Enforcing $9.5 billion Judgment in Canadian Courts
Dec 12  |   Investors question forecasts from ExxonMobil and other oil companies
Dec 12  |   Supreme court to weigh challenge to Obama mercury air pollution rule
Dec 09  |   Kick Polluters Out of the UN Climate Talks
Dec 09  |   Sea level rise threatening Kennedy Space Center in Florida
Dec 09  |   Shell pipeline leak spills thousands of barrels into Niger delta
Dec 09  |   Only 60 years of farming left if soil degradation continues: UN official
Dec 08  |   When Will Bankers Take Inequality Seriously?
Dec 02  |   At climate talks, UN calls fossil fuels 'high risk' investment
Nov 13  |   Texas town passes ban on fracking in its birthplace
Nov 07  |   World's first solar cycle lane opening in the Netherlands
Nov 07  |   India air pollution 'cutting crop yields by almost half'
Nov 07  |   Public opposition has cost tar sands industry $17bn, says report
Oct 21  |   It’s time to talk about the price of water
Oct 21  |   Natural work settings improve health, and the bottom line
Oct 21  |   Fund managers line up for high-yielding energy company subsidiaries
Oct 21  |   Tracers Developed for Tracking Frack Fluids
Oct 21  |   KKR’s Green Portfolio Companies Cut Over 2.3 Million MT of GHGs
Sep 30  |   A New Strategy for Socially Responsible Investing
Sep 30  |   Taxes, fees: the worldwide battle between utilities and solar
Sep 30  |   China embraces carbon pricing and UN takes a shine to plan
Sep 23  |   EXECUTIVE PERSPECTIVE: Financing a Low-Carbon Future
Sep 23  |   Robert Rubin: How ignoring climate change could sink the U.S. economy
Sep 23  |   Google to cut ties with rightwing lobby group over climate change 'lies'
Sep 23  |   Heirs to Rockefeller oil fortune divest from fossil fuels over climate change
Sep 23  |   Climate Summit Roundup: Businesses Pledge Climate Action
Sep 23  |   Outerwall to Recycle 2 Million Pounds of Mobile Devices
Sep 19  |   The Role of Private Sector Investment in Climate Change
Sep 19  |   FIPA agreement with China: What's really in it for Canada?
Sep 19  |   $24 Trillion Investor Group Calls for Carbon Price
Sep 19  |   Climate Week NYC - What Investors Need to Know
Sep 19  |   Seven ways that lead to corporate sustainability
Sep 16  |   New UK study looks to turbo-charge social impact investment
Sep 08  |   Investing to Make a Difference Is Gaining Ground
Sep 08  |   Thomson Reuters Launches New Responsible Investment Indices
Aug 27  |   Sustainable tech in Africa: 10 lessons from a cassava company
Aug 27  |   Wage gap grows between support staff at tech campuses and high-tech employees
Aug 22  |   Responsible investors working together can drive a silent revolution
Aug 22  |   Clean Energy Collective Earns Place on Inc. Magazine's List of America's 500 Fastest Growing Private Companies
Aug 21  |   Algae Systems Plant Produces Clean Water, Energy
Aug 21  |   Cost of Green Roofs, Walls to Drop by 28%
Aug 21  |   America's Wage Gap Just Keeps Getting Worse
Aug 19  |   Earth sliding into ‘ecological debt’ earlier and earlier, campaigners warn
Aug 19  |   Welcome to Guatemala: gold mine protester beaten and burnt alive
Aug 19  |   Could Cigarette Butts Power Computers?
Aug 14  |   The Next Stage of Sustainable Investing
Aug 11  |   Making green investments
Aug 06  |   How a new ‘golden rule’ is shaping oil and gas projects
Aug 06  |   Portland City Council to create socially responsible investment committee
Aug 06  |   Eco-activists Didn't Force out Apache, a Foreign Hedge Fund Did
Aug 01  |   IMF Pushes for Higher Energy Taxes to Fight Climate Change
Aug 01  |   Biodiesel Market to Grow 8.1 Percent
Aug 01  |   Arizona Public Service Flips Position on Solar
Aug 01  |   Water Shortages: Learning from 1977
Aug 01  |   Tesla partners with Panasonic for $5B Gigafactory battery plant
Jul 31  |   Mackenzie Investments adopts United Nations-supported Principles for Responsible Investment
Jul 31  |   UK’s ShareAction publishes draft bill for responsible investment law
Jul 31  |   Harvard Business School Student Aims to Create 'the Fidelity of Socially Responsible Investing'
Jul 31  |   Newfound Threat to Oilsand Projects
Jul 23  |   Tobacco and fossil fuels lose out as investors opt for more ethical industries
Jul 21  |   Sainsbury’s store to be powered solely by food waste
Jul 21  |   Germany is most energy efficient major economy, study finds
Jul 17  |   Banking Industry Should Address Climate Risk, Report Says
Jul 17  |   World’s Largest Post-Combustion Carbon Capture Project Begins Construction
Jul 17  |   Green bonds market grows by 60% in a year
Jul 16  |   Clear differences between organic and non-organic food, study finds
Jul 11  |   Dow’s Water Fight Pits Manufacturers Against Agriculture
Jul 11  |   Parched Texas Town Turns to Treated Sewage as Emergency Drinking Water Source
Jul 09  |   Zero carbon and economic growth can go together, UN study says
Jul 08  |   UN issued with roadmap on how to avoid climate catastrophe
Jul 05  |   Developing Africa Through Effective, Socially Responsible Investing
Jul 03  |   Malnutrition a threat with use of climate-resilient crops, scientists say
Jul 03  |   Cheniere won’t ask for billions in stock awards
Jul 03  |   Premier's LNG Dreams Given Reality Check By Japanese Expert
Jul 03  |   This Summer, BC Food Carts Drive Towards Green
Jun 25  |   Landmark report weighs 'Risky Business' of climate inaction
Jun 25  |   Tackling climate change would grow global economy, World Bank says
Jun 23  |   The Coming Climate Crash
Jun 19  |   The Highest Paid CEOs Are The Worst For Investors
Jun 12  |   Battery Recycler Seeks to Expand Production 25%
Jun 12  |   Judge Rules Exxon Must Face Negligence Lawsuit Over 210,000-Gallon Oil Spill
Jun 06  |   Enerkem Turns Garbage into Chemicals, Fuel
Jun 05  |   The Great Coal Cap
Jun 02  |   UN urges global move to meat and dairy-free diet
May 29  |   Investor education key to future growth of SRI
May 29  |   Start the conversation on SRI
May 29  |   ESG companies have slight edge over non-socially responsible peers
May 23  |   Canada’s First Responsible Investment Week: Opportunities and Challenges for Canadian Companies
May 08  |   Oil Industry Risks $1.1 Trillion of Investor Cash
May 05  |   How Millennials Are Changing Wall Street
Apr 29  |   National Office Furniture Close to Zero Waste to Landfill
Apr 29  |   Fracking Supplier to Disclose 100% of Chemicals
Apr 22  |   Novelis Debuts High-Recycled Content Aluminum Can
Apr 22  |   Landfill Wastewater Showing Elevated Radioactivity
Apr 21  |   Vermont Poised to Label GMO Foods
Apr 17  |   Responsible Investment Leaders to Gather in Toronto
Apr 16  |   ESG analysis could become critical
Apr 10  |   Carbon divestment activists claim victory as Harvard adopts green code
Mar 24  |   Island businesses get green stamp of approval
Jan 28  |   Davos Wrap-Up:
Jan 27  |   Preparing for retirement: SWF January Newsletter
Jan 27  |   Coke, Nike Call Climate Change ‘Commercial Threat’
Jan 23  |   Canada’s Temporary Foreign Worker Program: what are the risks?
Jan 20  |   REPORT: Beyond giving and volunteering
Jan 20  |   VIDEO: What is the "New Economy"
Jan 20  |   VIDEO: Local merchants support ethical purchasing
Jan 06  |   Scotland to Move to 100 Percent Renewables By 2020
Jan 06  |   France adopts 2014 budget; carbon tax on fossil fuels
Dec 19  |   Local Business & Ethical Shopping: SWF December Newsletter
Dec 19  |   Apartheid struggle transformed not just human rights, but our understanding of money
Dec 16  |   North America's Largest Forest Carbon Project in the Great Bear Rainforest Receives Final Verification
Nov 28  |   Should you be part of the New Economy?
Nov 18  |   How do Canadian responsibly invested mutual funds perform compared to the mainstream?
Nov 14  |   Investors ask fossil fuel companies to assess how business plans fare in low-carbon future
Nov 14  |   Destination Westshore- Arts and Culture News
Nov 08  |   How you can help the Westshore Food Bank this holiday season
Oct 31  |   October Newsletter: Building Green Means More Than You May Think
Oct 28  |   What do you think of the Water Sustainability Act?
Oct 16  |   Conflict Minerals and Responsible Supply Chain Management
Oct 01  |   What does the IPCC report mean for business and investors?
Sep 27  |   Clean Tech In BC: the Stephen Whipp Financial September newsletter
Sep 24  |   We are nominated!
Sep 19  |   UN Global Compact Launches Stock Index
Sep 05  |   Nike’s New Shanghai Store is Made From 100 Percent Trash
Aug 30  |   Increasing protests against fracking in the UK: Should investors be concerned?
Aug 29  |   August newsletter: How wasting food is bad for your investments
Aug 22  |   Are tried-and-true investments keeping clients at bay?
Aug 09  |   The Race of Our Lives
Aug 08  |   Top 100 paid executives report: B.C. shareholders take aim at C-suite pay versus company performance
Jul 29  |   Apple Supplier Slapped with Pollution Charges
Jul 19  |   Destination West Shore is out!
Jul 18  |   Sustainable Pay Should Be Linked to Creating Value Not Just Protecting It
Jul 18  |   Environmental Issues No Longer a Low Impact Business Risk
Jul 15  |   SWF, Robert Bateman and the Resilient Region
Jun 27  |   IKEA Surges to Second-Largest Private Producer of Solar Energy in U.S.
Jun 26  |   Recovering Wasted Energy Expense Is a $750 Billion Opportunity
Jun 20  |   Socially Responsible Investing Moving From Upstream to Mainstream
Jun 14  |   Supply Chain Management: Counting the True Cost of Cut-price Clothing
Jun 05  |   Banks Consider Natural Capital Risks
Apr 30  |   How can you tell if your shirt was made in a sweatshop?
Apr 26  |   Ten U.S. Cities Commit to Pursue Fossil Fuel Divestment
Apr 26  |   Bonuses incur wrath of Church of England
Apr 24  |   Land Grabs & the Canadian Connection
Apr 19  |   Ottawa to slash environment review role
Apr 18  |   CBC: Temporary foreign workers policy and social license
Apr 10  |   50 Shades of Green: The Power of Money
Apr 04  |   Habitat Acquisition Trust BC- Spring Newsletter
Apr 04  |   Amazon tribe threatens to declare war amid row over Brazilian dam project
Mar 28  |   Coke ‘Greenwashing, Profiting off Parks’
Mar 28  |   Climate Change Listed as Risk to NY Bondholders
Mar 22  |   Nations urged to combine environmental and development goals
Mar 07  |   Whole Foods takes stand on GMO labels
Feb 21  |   What Is Your Water Footprint?
Feb 21  |   Coal mine in the Comox Valley?
Feb 19  |   UN says fertiliser crisis is damaging the planet
Feb 08  |   Attention investors: Climate policy could knock off half the value of fossil fuel companies
Feb 07  |   Take the lead: China, India and climate change
Jan 28  |   A chat with the Sierra Club’s Michael Brune about civil disobedience
Jan 21  |   Investors Press Continental Resources to End Wasteful Flaring of Natural Gas
Jan 18  |   News in shareholder engagement, executive compensation, Nortel & more
Jan 11  |   2013- Still Learning How To Ride a Bike
Jan 11  |   Universities Moving Toward Responsible Investing in 2013
Jan 11  |   Investment community calls for predictable climate policy
Jan 11  |   UVic urged to cut Enbridge pension ties
Jan 08  |   Interface Turns Fishing Nets into Carpet
Dec 28  |   University students calling for a divestment from fossil fuel industry
Dec 27  |   Safeway Requires All Cage-Free Eggs to be Certified Humane
Dec 12  |   Northern Gateway: UBC Study Suggests Cost Of Worst-Case Spill Outweighs Rewards
Dec 11  |   Oil Investors ‘Face Serious Risk’
Nov 30  |   World Bank Climate Change Report Says 'Turn Down The Heat' On Warming Planet
Nov 25  |   Green Mining or Green Washing? Corporate Social Responsibility and the Mining Sector in Canada
Nov 19  |   Teacher Decries Pension Plan's 'Unethical' Investments
Nov 07  |   SW Financial Autumn Newsletter
Nov 07  |   Jantzi Social Index October 2012 Returns
Nov 02  |   Cheryl Crowe: Linking investments with values
Nov 01  |   BC pension fund invests in companies contributing to climate change
Oct 26  |   Focus List: Ethical Funds- What is upcoming for 2013's engagement?
Oct 15  |   £11 billion invested in UK green and ethical funds
Oct 11  |   TFSA or RRSP? Or Both?
Oct 10  |   REPORT :: Citystates- How Cities are Vital to the Future of Sustainability
Oct 05  |   RESPs: How do I access my funds?
Oct 04  |   How toxic is the iPhone 5?
Sep 18  |   Enbridge Inc. to be removed from Jantzi Social Index
Sep 17  |   A Conversation with Former Prime Minister Paul Martin:
Sep 06  |   Miners urge new rules, more transparency
Jul 30  |   John Brajcic's must-read account of the navigational dangers of BC's north and central coast
Jul 30  |   CNOOC Ltd. to buy Nexen Inc.: Implications for Investors
Jul 26  |   VIDEO: One Great Idea- Transforming Consumption
Jul 24  |   'I can calculate the motion of heavenly bodies, but not the madness of people.'
Jul 23  |   New Documentary on The Limits to Growth
Jul 18  |   How do SRI Funds Measure Against Traditional Funds?
Jul 18  |   NASDAQ to promote sustainability disclosure
Jul 05  |   Canada’s Top 50 Socially Responsible Corporations
Jun 14  |   Influencing business with a carrot, not a stick
Jun 11  |   Vanishing act: Where did Canada's mid-sized companies go?
Jun 11  |   Striking Out On Their Own: Women Entrepreneurs in Canada
Jun 11  |   Mining Abuses the 'Defining Fight of Our Lives': Barlow
Jun 08  |   West Shore to downtown ferry pushed
Jun 08  |   Meet the Canadian billionaire who's giving it all away
Jun 06  |   How can investors drive the sustainability agenda at Rio+20?
May 25  |   $1,000 Climate Smart Training Subsidy Available for West Shore Businesses
May 24  |   Volunteer bloggers wanted for responsible investment conference
May 10  |   Enbridge an Ethical Investment? Listen to Stephen Whipp on CBC
May 10  |   Enbridge faces AGM challenge
May 01  |   Interest rates on hold again?
Apr 23  |   How does investing ethically result in your portfolio?
Apr 16  |   David Suzuki Leaves Foundation He Helped Create
Apr 16  |   Bank Of Canada Interest Rate Decision April 2012: Central Bank Unlikely To Raise Rates
Apr 13  |   Stephen Whipp Financial March Newsletter
Mar 27  |   Spring Update from Stephen Whipp
Mar 22  |   Keeping Water From Running Down The Drain This World Water Day
Mar 19  |   Northern Gateway Pipeline: When Bad Projects Happen To Good Companies
Mar 02  |   5 reasons why TFSAs are a smart retirement investment
Feb 07  |   Chamber takes on wider role
Jan 10  |   Stephen Whipp Financial December Newsletter
Jan 10  |   Northwest Ethical Investment's Newsletter
Dec 12  |   Giving Generously & Wisely
Nov 30  |   Cohousing – The Ultimate Personal Growth Experience
Nov 14  |   Investors need more information on SRI: survey
Nov 14  |   'Locally Grown' Food Now A $4.8 Billion Business, Says USDA Report
Oct 20  |   Alberta butts out of tobacco stocks in preparation for lawsuit against industry
Oct 19  |   Americans in Canada told not to fear IRS
Oct 13  |   The True Cost of Commuting
Oct 11  |   The business of sustainability: McKinsey Global Survey results
Oct 05  |   GM Earns $1bn a Year From Recycling
Oct 03  |   Sustainability is the goal for the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil
Sep 29  |   Spend Some Quality Time With Your Statements
Sep 28  |   The Paradox of Water
Sep 19  |   CBC Podcast: Drilling for Arctic Oil
Sep 09  |   IRS and US Tax Law
Sep 02  |   Canadian Socially Responsible Investment Review 2010
Aug 22  |   August Newsletter
Aug 08  |   Investors deem US downgrade 'humiliating', but not a game changer
Jul 25  |   ENCORE PRESENTATION: SWF LUNCHTIME LEARNING Instability in Greece & Beyond: The Effects of Global Events on Canadian Markets
Jul 20  |   The Future of RIM: Ethical Funds Weigh In
Jul 12  |   Newsletter: NorthWest Ethical Investments
Jun 27  |   Blame Canada: Priorities For Action In An Age Of Dirty Oil
Jun 23  |   Glass ceiling hit for responsible investments
May 24  |   SHARE May Newsletter
May 09  |   Is Sitting Killing You?
May 06  |   VIDEO: Why Corporate Tax Cuts Don't Work
May 05  |   Canadian socially responsible investment shows resilience in the face of financial turbulence
May 05  |   Citi Enhances Securities Lending Cash Collateral Investment Program to Include Solutions for Socially Responsible Investors
Apr 20  |   California Takes Steps Toward Becoming First Conflict-Free State
Apr 18  |   SHARE Shareholder Engagement Report
Mar 21  |   Water map shows billions at risk of 'water insecurity'
Jan 26  |   TED TALKS Naomi Klein: Addicted to risk
Jan 25  |   Microcredit: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Jan 20  |   The National's retirement panel — are you ready?
Dec 30  |   Raise a money-smart kid
Dec 30  |   Oil Sands to Boom: Internal Federal Report
Dec 06  |   Green Budget Coalition Releases Self-Financing Recommendations For 2011 Federal Budget
Nov 30  |   What can climate negotiations achieve in Cancun?
Nov 25  |   November Newsletter
Oct 22  |   What does a Financial Planner Do
Oct 20  |   Why a social mission can be good for business
Oct 12  |   Bitter Harvest: Child Labour in the Cocoa Supply Chain
Sep 22  |   Teck, Suncor partner on wind power project
Sep 13  |   Rec centre scrambles to secure solar heating system
Aug 31  |   Banks Grow Wary of Environmental Risks
Aug 26  |   Investors put gender on the agenda
Aug 23  |   SWF August Newsletter
Aug 18  |   Timbercreek REIT sold to private equity investors
Aug 17  |   How to Reduce Your Energy Consumption
Aug 12  |   GETTING PERSONAL CANADA: Virtue May Now Trump Vice
Aug 10  |   Latest and Greatest Green News:
Aug 10  |   BP's effects on how people invest
Aug 10  |   The great billionaire giveaway
Aug 06  |   Clean Energy for a Green Economy: An Introduction for Rural BC Communities
Aug 05  |   Canadians back away from borrowing
Jul 30  |   Can Stifling Iran's Oil Sector Stop its Nuclear Ambitions?
Jul 20  |   Buget 2010: How does the environment fit in?
Jul 20  |   Video: Cycling Copenhagen, Through North American Eyes
Jul 14  |   Liberal subsidy cuts, working retirees, and US denial
Jul 05  |   Slow Food: what's it all about?
Jun 21  |   Few Canadian companies disclose environmental practices
Jun 18  |   SRI advisors: Be true to yourself
Jun 18  |   Path to the UN Millennium Development Goals
Jun 16  |   California Governor, Environmentalists & Members of Congress Recognize Lennar for Ground-Breaking Solar Lease Program
Jun 14  |   The New 'Good Life': Redefining Our Relationship With Money
Jun 10  |   Lessons from Canada in how to manage deficit reduction
Jun 09  |   Eco-investing adds values to bottom line
Jun 04  |   How can an ethical fund hold BP?
Jun 04  |   Environmental funds battled BP for years
May 25  |   Hydraulic fracturing and water pollution:
May 21  |   Environmental Daily Newsletter
May 21  |   Wall Street Journal: Scientists Reassert Man's Role in a Changing Climate
May 18  |   Oil sands report warns of investor risk
May 10  |   Denmark eyes wind energy market in Turkey for trade and investment
May 07  |   Obama says authorities probe cause of stock swoon
May 05  |   SHARE newsletter
May 03  |   Canadian Companies Abroad: A motherlode of debate
Apr 30  |   Video: Oil Spill off The Gulf Coast
Apr 29  |   New Ratings to Peg Social Investing 'Return'
Apr 07  |   Ethical mutual fund company Meritas has merged
Apr 01  |   Compact Fluorescent Lamps and EMF emissions
Mar 18  |   First ever report card on deep oilsands reveals significant room for improvement
Mar 09  |   Yemen could become first nation to run out of water
Mar 04  |   Video: Plight of the Pacific Salmon Uncertain
Mar 04  |   Shareholder Climate Resolutions Up 40%
Mar 01  |   The Canadian Business Ethics Research Network
Feb 24  |   Green power sounds good until you calculate the cost
Feb 24  |   U.S. backs loans to build world's largest solar power complex
Feb 24  |   Are Big Box Stores Advancing or Detracting Sustainability Efforts? Yes.
Feb 19  |   Incredible uses of urban space for gardens
Feb 19  |   Intelligent Energy Named as a Leading UK Cleantech Firm
Feb 16  |   Some of the most inspiring climate and energy books
Feb 04  |   RRSP season boosts long-term fund sales
Feb 04  |   Social Investing Gathers Momentum
Feb 02  |   The 2010 Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations in the World
Jan 28  |   Socially Responsible Funds Outperform Benchmarks
Jan 27  |   Betting on Water
Jan 25  |   John Gerzema: The Post-Crisis Consumer
Jan 25  |   Energy efficiency to shine in 2010
Jan 25  |   What Does the FDA's BPA Decision Mean for Companies?
Jan 21  |   Social Investment Forum: Two Thirds of Socially Responsible Mutual Funds Outperformed Benchmarks During 2009 Economic Downturn
Jan 21  |   Ontario signs green energy deal with Samsung team
Jan 19  |   Canadian leaders that rode the market's rise
Jan 19  |   Shell faces shareholder revolt over Canadian tar sands project
Jan 15  |   Eat Your Greens: Sustainability and Food Newsletter from Grist
Jan 15  |   New rules for mining will impact caribou habitat
Jan 15  |   Unconventional Risks: An investor response to Canada’s Oil Sands
Jan 10  |   Canada's DFO: Managed to Fail
Jan 07  |   The 7th Annual CBSR Summit on CSR
Jan 05  |   Current Economy Continues to Shape Canadian Investor Behaviour: Scotiabank Study
Jan 04  |   2040 Vision: B.C. and Climate Change
Dec 23  |   Too busy to volunteer? Not if you've got a spare couple minutes
Dec 23  |   Copenhagen climate summit fails green investors
Dec 23  |   6 Questions: One-on-One with Steve Newcomb, chairman and CEO, Virgance
Dec 22  |   Timbercreek Mortgage Investment Corporation announces December 2009 dividend for privately held Class B Shares
Dec 21  |   Earth Capital Partners Announce First Close Of Renewable Energy Fund Fund Expects To Bring Renewable Energy Online In 2010
Dec 17  |   Wrestle down that debt while you still can
Dec 16  |   UN Conference on Climate Change: What's Happening Now?
Dec 13  |   Credit River watershed provides ecological services worth more than $371M annually
Dec 09  |   Watch Northwest & Ethical Investment’s Recent Oil Sands Report
Dec 09  |   Report: U.S. Market Sees 50% Annual Growth [in solar technology]
Dec 08  |   Canada's image lies in tatters. It is now to climate what Japan is to whaling
Dec 03  |   Warren Buffett: the next clean energy baron?
Dec 02  |   Countries will drive ethical investment, says AIC
Dec 01  |   Oilsands companies chastised over disclosure
Nov 30  |   Ted Talks presents Geoff Mulgan: Post-crash, investing in a better world
Nov 30  |   Peak oil: the summit that dominates the horizon
Nov 30  |   Fund will help poor countries go green
Nov 26  |   BC's Ethical Evolution
Nov 26  |   Charitable giving can help others - and yourself
Nov 23  |   What Does it Mean When Procurement Goes Green?
Nov 11  |   Food Security, Part 2: Fuzzy definitions get in the way of real solutions
Nov 10  |   Industrial Alliance to Enter Socially Responsible Investing Marketplace Through a Long-term Strategic Relationship with Vancity
Nov 04  |   Social investing counts its dividends in a different currency
Oct 26  |   Banks go for say-on-pay vote uniformity
Oct 26  |   Canada passing on wind
Oct 15  |   30th Right Livelihood Awards: Wake-up calls to secure our common future
Oct 09  |   Green energy expected to push global job growth
Oct 07  |   U.S. Chamber of Commerce: Between a Rock and a Hard Place?
Oct 05  |   Leaders discuss developing wind energy in Nebraska
Oct 05  |   The Market Nobody Trusts
Oct 05  |   Wal-Mart, WRI May Decide Which Eco-labels Will Stick
Oct 02  |   Enbridge to buy solar project from First Solar
Oct 01  |   Green Economy = More Jobs
Sep 29  |   Canadian Hydro to buy large offshore wind prospect
Sep 29  |   Apple Wants to Get Greener
Sep 29  |   Clean tech investments soar worldwide: report
Sep 23  |   Duke's CEO Says Solar Power is More Important Than Wind
Sep 23  |   Changing to meet climate change
Sep 23  |   Desert Solar: A Surge in Investor Appetite Warranted
Sep 23  |   Canada's wind industry aims high
Sep 23  |   Plutonic, GE unit commit to buy Canada wind farm
Sep 22  |   U.S. awards $550 million in renewable energy grants
Sep 21  |   Economy, policies energizing Canada's wind sector
Sep 21  |   Socially Responsible Investing: Is it the Right Thing to Do?
Sep 17  |   China could be $1 trillion green tech market
Sep 04  |   Solar energy saturates market
Sep 04  |   Research and Markets: Global Wind Power Report 2009
Sep 04  |   As financing options appear, wind power for homeowners takes off
Aug 19  |   Public Funds Join Forces Internationally to Show that Clean Energy Spending Stimulates Economic Growth & Creates Jobs
Aug 17  |   Be socially responsible and still make a profit?
Aug 04  |   Feds Now Accepting Applications for Solar, Wind Power
Aug 04  |   Red Bull Pays Record U.K. Fine for Failing to Recycle Packaging Waste
Aug 04  |   Timberland, Adidas Follow Nike’s Lead, Ban Use of Amazon Leather
Aug 04  |   SunEco Energy and J.B. Hunt Algae Power Hits the Road ...
Jul 31  |   Warren Buffett continues to go green
Jul 20  |   Responsible Investors Show no Sign of Retreat from Principles in Troubled Times
Jun 24  |   Socially responsible investing still going strong: officials
Jun 09  |   Cap-and-Trade Financial Risk Small For Most, Disaster for Some
Jun 09  |   Solar Sector Foresees a Brighter 2010
Jun 02  |   SRI devotees staying the course
May 26  |   How to Put Sustainability On the Books
May 11  |   Green Winners: The Performance of Sustainability-focused Companies in the Financial Crisis
May 05  |   Gluttons at the gate
Apr 30  |   Ethical investing makes strides
Apr 21  |   Tapping Our Wild Rivers Can't Fix Climate Change
Apr 21  |   Greenhouse gases endanger health, EPA declares
Apr 14  |   It's Time to tell the 'big boys' 'ENOUGH IS ENOUGH,' SPEAKER says
Apr 08  |   Striving to make good financial choices
Apr 07  |   Inhance Moves Companies to Action
Apr 03  |   Oilsands giant gets record fine for environmental infractions
Apr 02  |   Is a Food Revolution Now in Season?
Mar 30  |   Investor urges Enbridge to assess risk of delay
Mar 25  |   Amid Wall Street bonus furor, Canadian boards pay heed
Mar 25  |   TD to purchase renewable electricity for its BC operations
Mar 23  |   Hiring, growing and green: Meet the poster child for stimulus
Mar 10  |   BC Hydro prepares for electric car boom
Mar 09  |   Market Call Tonight: Inhance's Michael Brown on BNN
Mar 09  |   Government of Canada Investing in Green, Clean Economy Sustainable Development Technology
Mar 03  |   Shareholders win voice on CEO pay at 3 big banks
Feb 06  |   The bottom line on SRI
Jan 29  |   RBC named one of world's Top 100 Sustainable Companies
Dec 23  |   Environmental activist Jim Fulton dies
Dec 22  |   Time for investors to get tough on oil sands risks
Dec 10  |   Investor groups focus on bottom line to bring about change
Nov 27  |   Green investing goes mainstream
Nov 24  |   Solar power shines in Australia
Nov 19  |   Green investing proves a winning strategy: study
Nov 17  |   Socially responsible firms not spared during downturn
Nov 12  |   A building with an energy all its own
Nov 10  |   Clear the air on financial risks: report
Nov 03  |   Electric Cars Are A Big Chance For China
Oct 27  |   Deep Green
Oct 24  |   SunPower Reports Third-Quarter 2008 Results (SPWRA)
Oct 24  |   Renewable Jitters: Wind Power Giant Gamesa Tanks Despite Big Profits
Oct 22  |   Conference Call with Stephen MacInnes of Inhance Investment Management
Oct 20  |   SolarWorld Opens North America's Largest Solar Cell Manufacturing Facility
Oct 20  |   A green lining in market meltdown?
Oct 09  |   Charging bulls and slimmed-down cats
Oct 02  |   Corporate social responsibility means paying a living wage
Sep 25  |   Sewage problem can't be flushed
Sep 17  |   Oilsands needs special reporting rules: Environment, investor groups
Sep 16  |   Environmentalists Target Oil Sands Investors
Sep 09  |   Innovest Warned of Maple Leaf Safety Concerns in March
Sep 02  |   Backyard Chickens
Aug 26  |   Charitable Remainder Trusts
Aug 21  |   Everything is Not Peachy
Aug 18  |   Great Returns With A Clean Conscience
Aug 14  |   Children and Money
Aug 13  |   Canada Plays Spoiler on Asbestos
Aug 08  |   We Must Green the Market
Aug 05  |   Oil: Campaigners seek an end to production of CO2-intensive 'unconventional fuels'
Jul 23  |   The Top SRI Funds
Jul 02  |   Board won't change investment policy
Jun 25  |   Drug Makers Differ Strongly in Policies for Low-Income Countries
May 20  |   Climate Change-Related Shareholder Resolutions
Apr 10  |   Clean-tech funds start to catch on
Mar 13  |   Ethical Funds gives TD, RBC top ratings
Mar 06  |   Share Power 2008 - Amnesty International
Feb 29  |   The path to a green portfolio
Jan 23  |   Selling Canadians on Green Bonds to wean us from carbon
Dec 21  |   The Story of Stuff
Nov 09  |   Put Your Money Where Your Heart Is: Socially responsible investing for a better world.
Oct 18  |   The Arctic's Alarming Sea Change
Oct 16  |   Five Energy Companies Sued By Group Of Attorneys General Over Global Warming
Sep 10  |   10 Super Fast, Super Green Cars
Aug 21  |   Chevron Ventures Beyond Oil
Aug 21  |   Sustainability Reporting More Common Among Top Brands
Aug 21  |   Sunny Days Ahead for Energy 21
Aug 07  |   Alternative energy grabs interest but not many investment dollars
Jul 06  |   Searching for true carbon offsets
Jun 12  |   How to build a greener portfolio
May 01  |   Citigroup Climate Change Report
Apr 16  |   Socially responsible investing soars
Mar 27  |   A greener getaway takes root
Jan 30  |   Theories of corporate governance II: Corporate social responsibility
Jan 23  |   Investors screen companies through a positive approach
Oct 13  |   New combatant against global warming: insurance industry

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