VIDEA Presents International Development Week in Victoria

Feb 3-9

Victoria International Development Education Association (VIDEA) Events Schedule:

Let’s Talk About Inclusion: Monday, February 4th/ 3:30 @ UVic Social Science and Math Building (SSM) A102:
VIDEA and UVic International Commons present a theatrical event where different actors on campus and in the community share their experience of inclusions, exclusion, belonging and acceptance.

Victoria Poetry Project’s Youth Slam: Tuesday, February 5th/ 7:30 @ Solstice Cafe:
VIDEA, in collaboration with the Victoria Poetry Project, presents Youth Slam! A chance for youth to come out and display slam poetry or other open mic talent about development and global issues.

Development Drinks (Ages 19+): Wednesday, February 6th/ 5:30 @ Garrick’s Head Pub
A casual gathering of individuals who work or volunteer in International Development. A Forum for socializing, conversation, and to help build a sense of community among those working in the sector in Victoria.

Film Night At Camosun- War Witch: Thursday, February 7th/ 7:00 @ Camosun College, Lansdown Campus, Young 216
In partnership with the African Awareness Committee of Camosun College, the film War Witch explores the life of a young girl in Sub-Sahara Africa.

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VIDEA was established as a non-profit organization in 1977 to “inspire thought and action on global issues”. Based in Victoria, VIDEA actively involves youth, educators, and community partners in the development and implementation of international development, global education and youth and community engagement initiatives. For the past 7 years VIDEA has operated a vibrant international programme focused on working in solidarity with communities and organisations in southern Africa. In addition to an international internship programme VIDEA also provides a range of work, learning and engagement opportunities for youth in Canada.

VIDEA has been involved in the promotion and delivery of global education in Victoria and the Southern Vancouver Island area since 1977. VIDEA actively engages teachers, students, youth and the general public in learning about-and becoming involved in-international issues, with a particular focus on the need for socially just and sustainable global development. VIDEA provides learning opportunities through special events, seminars, workshops, tours and conferences, for schools and for the general public. We conduct research and publish quality learning resources that are used in Canada, the United States, and overseas.

VIDEA is one of Canada’s oldest global education centres. We facilitate communication, cooperation and strategic networking among Canadian groups working for global justice, peace and sustainable development, linking local and international issues with community initiatives. VIDEA strives to create opportunities to link indigenous peoples in the areas in which we work, with projects that support the creative sharing of knowledge and experience. VIDEA’s fair trade programme strives to assist indigenous peoples to regain and pass on knowledge of income generating crafts, which VIDEA has helped to create Canadian markets for. Some of these crafts can now be purchased online through the VIDEA online store.

VIDEA is a non-profit organization guided by a Board of Directors, with the assistance of a dedicated core of staff and over 200 volunteers who take up volunteer leadership and organisational roles with VIDEA project committees throughout BC and Southern Africa. VIDEA’s main office is in Victoria, with VIDEA chapters in Kelowna and Nelson.

VIDEA strives to operate in a transparent and accountable way with open pre-planned Board meetings, annual AGM’s, an open office, annual financial audits, and a governance committee that maintains up to date and responsive operational and programme policies. VIDEA is a member of CCIC and compliant with the CCIC Code of ethics (see international programme), of the BCCIC, and of Volunteer Victoria.

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