Planning for the Future- Victoria's Official Community Plan

June 27, 2012

The City of Victoria has a vision of the future, and the public is invited to take a peek and weigh-in on the new Official Community Plan (OCP). The new plan was shaped with the input of over 6,000 people to help ensure that it is reflective of the community’s values. Work on the plan has been in progress since 2010, the last City plan was updated in 1995.

The OCP includes green planning in order to reduce the Greenhouse Gas emissions for the City. In a recent CBC interview, Roy Brooke, Director of Sustainability for the City confirms that Victoria is subsidizing local businesses to adopt Climate Smart programs – optimally reducing business costs and emissions.

A public hearing will be held on June 27 at 7:30pm on the OCP prior to Council considering it for adoption as a bylaw. In conjunction with this long-term planning model, Lisa Helps, Victoria City Councillor, has put forward a motion for Victoria to move to a three-year budget cycle. This will provide a foundation for longer-term financial planning, including a new way for Victoria to allocate its grant money in order to support the city’s OCP. You can see the new plan at ShapeYourFutureVictoria.

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