Ideawave: July 10 & 11

IdeaWave is the first “ideas conference” to be held on Vancouver Island. On July 10 and 11, 2010 hundreds of critical thinkers, from inventors to philanthropists, will come together to share ideas and engage each other in dialogue about ideas and their place in the world.

IdeaWave is a forum where critical thinkers are able to mix and mingle in a highly engaged environment.

Each day consists of a series of 25 talks, each 10 minutes in length. Talks are designed to be a snapshot of the idea and to open the door for discussion about the talk. There is no limit on subject matter and topics will range from business ideas to cultural ideas to lifestyle ideas.

Mayor Dean Fortin will welcome delegates to the conference and give a few remarks on the importance of ideas.

Stephen Whipp will be speaking on “Keeping Big Business Accountable to the Public Through Smart Investing” at 10 am on Saturday, July 10th

It will be hosted at the Ambrosia Conference and Event Centre in beautiful Victoria, BC, on Vancouver island.

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Speakers list: (added to regularly)

Going Green: The Birth of a New Civilization : Guy Dauncey
From a Web of Pages to a Web of Streams : Kris Krug
The Suck That Is Productivity : Mike Vardy
Changing the World One Tool at a Time: Intrinsic Worth vs. Extrinsic Value : Frank Heidt
The Cost of Convenience : Janice Mansfield
Understanding the Problem : Dorian Taylor
Nowhere2Nowhere Monorail : Helen Cook
The Key to Criminal Justice Reform: Ending Drug Prohibition: David Bratzer
Climate Change and Peacebuilding : Saul Arbess, Ph.D.
Tracking solar accumulator, solar design t-square, clam shaped solar cookers : Brian White
The Gene Weaver : Clem Persaud, Ph.D.

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