Festival of Peace, Victoria

September 21, 2008 - October 2, 2008

A Festival of Peace: 12 Days for Peace, Sept 21 – October 2

All the events below are at the First Metropolitan United Church Sanctuary, Quadra at Balmoral.

Co-sponsored by the Church and the Canadian Department of Peace Initiative.

We want to mark these twelve days with attention to the issues of peace in the world, in our communities, in our homes, and within.

  • Sunday Sept 21, the UN International Day for Peace and Global Ceasefire

9 & 11 am Service: A Way of Peace with Rev. Gai Burns,

7pm – Dr. Saul Arbess, National Co-chair of the Canadian Department of Peace Initiative, a cultural anthropologist and futurist dedicated to forming a new architecture of peace, will introduce a screening of the film, Peace One Day, and moderate discussion. The film concerns the amazing and determined journey of one man who ultimately succeeded in having this special day declared every year on Sept. 21 and having the UN General Assembly add the words “global ceasefire,” a dream not yet realized.

  • During Sept 22-27, Noon each day, prayers for peace will be offered at the Church.
  • Friday, Sept 26, 7pm. The Hon. Douglas Roche, O.C., presents: The Human Right to Peace: Full Time Work

A PowerPoint Presentation and Talk

Author, parliamentarian, diplomat, who has specialized throughout his 35-year public career in peace and human security issues, Mr. Roche was a Senator, Member of Parliament, Canadian Ambassador for Disarmament, and Visiting Professor at the University of Alberta. He was elected Chairman of the United Nations Disarmament Committee at the 43rd General Assembly in 1988. The author of 18 books, his latest is Global Conscience (Novalis, 2007). His memoirs, Creative Dissent: A Politician’s Struggle for Peace, will be published in 2008. A previous book, The Human Right to Peace (Novalis, 2003), was the Canadian Book Review Annual Editor’s Choice scholarly selection for July-August 2005. He has contributed chapters to 18 additional books. Mr. Roche is Chairman of the Middle Powers Initiative, an international network of seven non-governmental organizations specializing in nuclear disarmament issues.

  • Wednesday, October 2 – a celebration of Gandhi’s birthday, and the UN Day of Nonviolence. This evening will feature presentations by members of various faith communities on the teachings on nonviolence in their traditions. To be confirmed.

“Come and be part of the change!”

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