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Taking Responsibility

…There clearly is a move afoot, says Stephen Whipp, advisor with Victoria based Stephen Whipp Financial, a division of Wolverton Securities Ltd., who specializes in RI. Wolverton recently launched an RI-dedicated arm of its wealth-management division, of which Whipp is managing director…
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Can we create wealth ethically?

CBC’s Jo-Ann Roberts interviews Stephen Whipp, Investment Advisor at Wolverton Securities, on his decision to sign the 2014 Global Investors Statement on Climate Change.

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Langford investment advisor looking at the bigger picture

A West Shore investment advisor is pushing for responsible investing across the world.

Stephen Whipp claims to be the only retail investment advisor in Canada to have signed the Global Investor Statement on Climate Change. The document, signed by more than 300 major financial firms, was delivered to government leaders at this week’s United Nations Climate Summit, in hopes of directing investment in an environmentally friendlier direction.
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The SRI awareness gap

Providers of socially responsible investing cite misconceptions.

Canadians are slowly warming up to the idea of social finance, a spectrum of investment approaches where moral values and money go hand in hand. A key part of that investment universe — socially responsible investment (SRI) — has been gaining ground in Canada despite poor understanding and cynicism among both investors and financial advisors.
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Island businesses get green stamp of approval

The Vancouver Island Green Business Certification program launches its full program this week in a bid to do more than just add a touch of colour to the Victoria business landscape.
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Investment Executive: RIA launches advisor certification program

The Toronto-based Responsible Investment Association has launched a professional training program for financial advisors and other investment professionals that will help them assess environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues and their impact on investment opportunities for clients.
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Wealth Professional: Are tried-and-true investments keeping clients at bay?

According to a new survey, Canadian investors become progressively ‘savvier’ as they move westward. Stephen weighs in for this Weath Professionals article. Read the full article >>


Globe and Mail: Portfolio Makeover

Steve discusses how to build an investment portfolio for early retirement that is also sensitive to concerns about the environment. Read the full article here >>


CBC Radio 1- BC Almanac: Temporary foreign workers policy and social license

Zool Sulemon, Vancouver based immigration lawyer and Stephen Whipp, Managing Director of Responsible Asset Management at Wolverton Securities Ltd. on the on-going outrage and questions around displacing Canadian workers with temporary foreign workers. Listen Here >>


Vancouver Island University:

“Stephen Whipp spoke at our 8th Symposium on Social Justice at Vancouver Island University on March 10th, 2012. The topic of the symposium was the investment of pension funds in companies that violate human and environmental rights, with a special focus on Latin America. Stephen spoke on the practicalities of socially and environmentally responsible investing. Stephen’s history in the area and his personal commitment to ethical investing made his presentation engaging and very informative. He is a leader and a pioneer in an area of growing public concern: the need to ensure that the investments of public, democratic institutions sustain rather than erode human and environmental rights.”
Dr. Robert Pepper-Smith, Director
Institute of Practical Philosophy, Vancouver Island University


CBC Radio 1- BC Almanac: Ethical investing. Does Enbridge qualify by most definitions?

Stephen Whipp, Managing Director of Responsible Asset Management at Wolverton Securities Ltd., on the definition of an ethical investment in light of questions around Vancity including Enbridge in their socially responsible group of funds.
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Times Colonist: West Shore Chamber of Commerce takes on wider role

“It was fascinating to see the direction we ended up in,” added Stephen Whipp, the chamber’s incoming president. “People were adamant around sustainability, adamant about not being inward looking.” “Read More of this article published in the Times Colonist”:


Investment Executive: Building an SRI practice

Stephen Whipp, CFP, Managing Director of Responsible Asset Management at Wolverton Securities Ltd. and other local financial advisors who focus on socially responsible investing talk about the ingredients of their success. Read the full article here


Focus Magazine: Put your money where your municipality is

Community investment funds around North America generally focus on supporting locally-owned businesses but, because of their broader mandate to foster overall community development, they usually come with an additional focus on improving local environmental sustainability, social justice, economic resilience and self-reliance. Read More at Focus Magazine here

____________________ SRI advisors: Be true to yourself

There’s value in having a conversation about values. And that’s always been the case for advisors who want to specialize in socially responsible investing (SRI). But how do you get in front of potential clients in the first place?


Tmes Colonist: Eco-investing adds values to bottom line

Yes, ethical investors can make money — and even help make big polluters change their ways.
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