Responsible Investing???

You really can create wealth and still satisfy your soul. It’s all about ethics and accountability, and putting your money where your values are. When you choose socially responsible investing, you are making a statement about who you are and what you stand for. You are telling the corporate world that the planet and all living things matter. That truth, justice, and human rights matter.

Responsible investing (RI) is also known as socially responsible investing, ethical investing or social impact investing.

It brings social, environmental and governance (ESG) criteria into the decision-making process of investing. These days, whether it’s large institutions or individuals, people are looking for corporate responsibility, social change, and environmental sustainability. RI empowers individual investors to make a difference by basing their investment decisions on how and where companies operate. Responsible investments are screened to ensure that companies have clean environmental, social, and governance records. RI also promotes shareholder engagement, whereby mutual funds and other shareholders take an active role in influencing how companies operate.

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