Leede Jones Gable Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

An FAQ with the Stephen Whipp Financial Team regarding Leede Jones Gable Inc.

You may have questions about Stephen Whipp Financial at Leede Jones Gable Inc., and so we have prepared some answers below. And of course feel free to email or call us with your questions.


Stephen Whipp, CFP, RIAC


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What does an investment dealership/securities firm do anyway?

A. A securities firm – such as Leede Jones Gable holds our professional licenses, which allow us to provide advice and services to you. They provide us with access to markets, oversight of our activities, and safe custody and tracking of client accounts. They essentially ‘host’ our regulatory capacity to service our clients.

Our team name – Stephen Whipp Financial – is our own brand that we have developed over the years to represent our 100% responsible investment approach. It has not changed.

Q. Why does it matter what firm my advisor team is with?

A. As a client, you have little direct interaction with whatever securities firm we are licensed with. However their systems, financial stability and culture can have a significant impact on how well we can service you, especially with regards to something unique such as responsible investing and our portfolios.

Q. So who is Leede Jones Gable ?

We are excited to be partnering with Leede Jones Gable, a Canadian independent firm head-quartered in Vancouver and Calgary, with offices in Toronto, Montreal, Charlottetown, Fredericton, Brandon, Red Deer, Kamloops and now Langford.

Our offices are located in Langford, BC – 734 Goldstream Ave. We have already begun exploring the occasional use of a downtown Victoria location for the continued convenience of some clients.

Q. Why did you pick Leede Jones Gable?

Lots of reasons! It is an independent. It is owned by its advisors and staff. The experience of negotiating with them and meeting their head office team has been fun, frank, open and intelligent. They offer some progressive new features – such as on-line access to your tax slips. They are looking for ways to make our job easier – so we can do a better job servicing you.

They are fully supportive of our 100% responsible investment approach. In fact they were the only firm we spoke with that is already asking clients about ethical considerations in their investments. They understand our vision and support our intrepid and independent spirit in pursuing it on behalf of our clients.

Our top priority was to find a securities firm that was the best option for clients and that would support our responsible investment style.

More questions? Please contact us .

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