About Us

We aspire to balance family, health and financial security, along with enjoyment, personal growth and social responsibility …seeking harmony.

Our Philosophy

Our mission is to build a successful, unique, and values-based financial planning practice, where we help our clients build wealth and make a positive difference in their financial lives and their community.

Everything we do is based on our core values:

Professional and Personal Integrity We adhere to the very highest ethical standards in both our personal and business lives. My team and I meet or exceed the standards of the industry and the company, and always strive to behave in an honest and forthright way.

Strong Client Relationships We care about and enjoy our clients, and gain great personal satisfaction from working with them as individuals and families. Client relationships are the heart of our business. They are based on mutual respect, trust, and shared values. We work hard to build and nurture these relationships.

Social Responsibility As citizens of the local community and the world, we believe in ethical investing that supports and promotes sound environmental, labour, and social practices. Sound long-term financial planning should be about giving back to our local and global communities, as well as growing our personal wealth.

Conservative Investment Philosophy We believe that everyone can build and protect wealth for the long term, by following strategies based on buying and holding quality, ethically operated businesses.

Transparency We practice transparency in all dealings. That means that clients know what they are doing and why, and understand the products they are investing in or purchasing.

Our Client Service Pledge

Our commitment to you is simple. We will always strive to operate from our core values. We believe that the world’s resources are finite. That food, shelter, education and good health are rights, not privileges. As citizens of this world, we must be engaged in constant dialogue and action to improve the world and its communities. We believe that one way individuals can have an impact is through choosing how and where to invest.

Our commitment to excellence in client service will provide you with a unique, exciting, and educational experience. By helping you articulate your values, and using them as a “compass” for your financial plan and investment strategy, you will increase your chances of meeting your goals while making a difference in ways that matter to you.

Our commitment to you:

  • We will take the time to ensure you are comfortable with your decisions based on our recommendations before implementing any strategy.
  • We will offer you opportunities to increase your knowledge about values-based financial planning and ethical or social impact investing.
  • We will assist you in developing a values-based investment statement that not only states your expected returns, but also defines acceptable corporate behaviour.
  • We don’t have magic wands, but we do have realistic market expectations that we will discuss with you.
  • We will discuss an investment style that we believe will increase your chances of being successful.
  • We will do our best to ensure that the companies you are investing in meet your stated investment values.
  • We don’t pretend to be tax lawyers, but we do work with some of the top tax experts in the country and you can count on us to make recommendations on your tax planning situation.
  • We will encourage you to look at what success and money mean to you.
  • We will prepare a personal values-based financial plan that reflects your values and not someone else’s.
  • We will encourage you to contribute to community organizations that share your values.
  • We hold your confidentiality in the highest regard. Please see Leede Jones Gable Inc.‘s Privacy Policy

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